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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This morning I was walking up to the track for my morning shuffle when a glorious scent captured and whisked me 42 years and many miles from Pleasant View.

When I was was just a little girl, my mother went into the hospital for an extended stay. She had a tumor in her adrenal gland. That is serious now, imagine how frightening that must have been 42 years ago! While my mother was at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, my little brother and I were deposited at many different neighbors' homes for a couple of months (it seemed like years) and then we were finally delivered to our Grandparents in Phoenix, Arizona for the last month (year) of Mom's recuperation.

During that month, the honeysuckle in Grandma's yard was in bloom. It's fragrance was intoxicating. I remember sitting under the bush and breathing in that aroma until I felt light headed.
So this morning, I was once again five years old and sitting under a sweet-smelling vine in Phoenix, Arizona. On my way home from the track I couldn't resist picking several branches of sweet honeysuckle. They are in a vase of water in my kitchen where they may snatch me away again at any moment.


Anonymous said...

We had a brilliant idea that we should climb Mt.Fuji together when you and Bryan come!!!! Well, I guess I;ll watch younger two while you guys,Mark and Eric climb....

Sounds fun!


Dean and Sheri said...

It was good to see you at Costco today even if it was just a quick "Hello". It looked like you were on your lunch break. You didn't eat one of those nasty hot dogs did you?

Petunias do to me what honeysuckle does to you. In fact, I started a blog post about that, well actually that is just mentioned in it, but I haven't finished it yet. I started it over a month ago but it has turned into kind of a monster. Well, I mean that it keeps growing. But, I haven't worked on it for a while. Don't know if it will ever even get posted.
It's amazing how the scent of something, more than any other stimuli, can instantly take us back in time to cherished memories and experiences. It's a wonderful thing.