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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dani Go-o

August 22, 1987 was an amazing day! Twenty-two years later (August 22, 2009) is another amazing day because our little baby, Dani, is 22 years old!

Three-year-old Kevin was so happy to have a baby brother or sister and regardless of gender, he wanted to name the baby "Danny" after his best friend at daycare. We honored his wishes by naming his baby sister, Danielle and calling her Dani. The nickname stuck with the addition of 'Girl' (so as not to be confused with Danny Boy) and then a few years later when we were babysitting a two year old who couldn't pronounce his "Rs" he called her "Dani Go-o" and that nickname has stuck ever since.

Dani is a remarkable young lady. She is one of the most persevering and hard-working people I know. She has done some amazing things and developed great talents and as a result is in a very good place in her life. She married her true love and is now teaching history, a subject she has a passion for, to high school students in Baltimore, MD. She also has been honored with the opportunity to receive her Master's Degree at Johns Hopkins University. These great honors have been the result of diligence on her part and the blessings of Father in Heaven. Her Dad and I feel so privileged to be the parents of a truly valiant and dedicated young lady named Dani. She has blessed our lives in countless ways. We love you Dani Go-o!

Random Facts about Danielle Marie Crouch Ahern:

She is very musical, you should hear her play the Clarinet

She hasn't yet forgiven me for the time I had her hair cut when she was five years old

She is a wonderful sister to her two brothers and one sister

She graduated Summa Cum Laude from SUU

Dani has a hilarious sense of humor

She has a Bachelors in History, her minor was Music

She was a Drum Major for The Weber High Warrior Marching Band 2004/05

She is not afraid of heights

She doesn't cook--Kelly does all the cooking in their new home

Dani was Youth Mayor of Pleasant View City Youth Council her senior year

She organized and ran a textbook project for schools in Ghana, South Africa

Dani lived on campus her first two years of college in the dorms with one bathroom per floor

She represented SUU at the Western National Honor's Convention this year

She was selected as one of 4,000 Teach for America Corp Members out of 45,000 applicants!

We miss Dani at our house more than she can imagine.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rob's Wreck

It has been two weeks since Rob was slammed into by an 18-year-old racing on the freeway. Winesses who stopped at the accident said the boy and another car passed them going at least 90 mph just before he lost control and hit into Rob's rear quarter panel and sent him spinning completely the opposite direction on the freeway. What a frightening experience that was.

The ordeal that has followed hasn't been any less harrowing--dealing with insurance adjusters and claims agents is as painful as slamming your head into the side window of your car and having your neck snapped like a whip. Needless to say, the frustration level at our house has been high. Rob is still driving his trashed car even though the tail light is smashed, one tire is riding on its edge, the trunk doesn't close, and the whole rearend is displaced 6-7 inches to the right.

Hopefully week three will yield some absolution to the problems and Rob can find himself a new ride. The whiplash and headaches may take a little longer to resolve than the crashed car...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Such an Honor

Last week I received heart-wrenching news: Natalie Jolley's Ewings Sarcoma brain tumors are growing again and she is going to to reenter and endure full-force chemo treatments and possible brain surgery. What a blow for the Jolleys who have just passed their two year mark of the gruelling experience of dealing with cancer and thought (hoped) they were over the worst of it.

Natalie had registered for classes at USU (again) and had just been offered a job as a tumbling coach at a local gym. Things were looking good for her to finally get back into life when a routine bone scan changed everything.

The Bishops of the 2nd and 8th Wards called a fast for Natalie starting yesterday and ending this evening a 6:00 p.m. Imagine my shock at receiving a phone call asking me to offer the prayer to close the fast. What a privilege to be asked to represent so many people who love Natalie and her family! What an honor to speak on behalf of all in attendance who knelt in the chapel this evening to ask the Lord for a healing blessing on Natalie and comfort and peace for her family. I'm overwhelmed with gratitude at knowing such a lovely young lady and to unite in faith and hope with so many who love her.