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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Confessions of a New Grandma

Okay.  I've heard it so many times, it almost makes me crazy:  "Being a Grandma is the greatest thing EVER!"

I've rolled my eyes a thousand times and heaved a hundred sighs as I've heard this chant from all my friends who have experienced being a grandparent, many for several years.  When I attended my thirtieth high school class reunion three years ago, I was the ONLY one there who hadn't yet been a grandparent--no kidding!  All my fellow DHS classmates kept quoting the "Best thing EVER" grandparent thing and I kept thinking, "I love being a Mom and I can't imagine anything better than that!"

So, I have to admit that after one day of seeing, holding, smelling, and crying over my little grandson, Calvin Daniel, I'm firmly on board the grand-parenting band wagon.  I have joined the obnoxious minions of chanters saying, "ITS THE BEST THING EVER!"

Here are a few pictures of our only-hours-old, cute little grandson:

My son, Kevin, with his son, Calvin

Gramma Georgia

Proud Grandpa Rob

Sweet sleeper
Mommy and her little angel 
So all the jargon is true!  There is something completely remarkable, yet must be experienced to be believed, about seeing your child's child and immediately recognizing him or her as connected to you forever.  Even though I had nearly seven months to prepare for the birth of this baby, I was completely unprepared for how I would react to seeing him for the first time.  I'm now completely convinced that being a grandparent is the BEST thing ever!