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Monday, June 22, 2009

From here to Maryland

Kelly and Dani are safely installed in their new apartment in Baltimore. They had a fun trek across the nation to their new home state which involved five hotels and numerous adventures such as Trainland USA, a Pony Express Station, a Danish Windmill and the Chicago Art Institute just to name a few. We are so grateful their car functioned well under its heavy load and that they didn't run into any mean people. In fact at a gas station in Iowa, with "Just Married" still painted across their back window, they came out after purchasing some snacks to find a note under their windshield wiper that read "CONGRATULATIONS" and had a $20.00 bill folded inside. How's that for the kindness of strangers?

It does help to know that they have found kind strangers everywhere they've been and that they are still excited about this whole adventure; but I still miss them everyday.

P.S. Thanks to John Fennemore for these photos. We are still waiting for the pictures from the wedding photographer. We are looking forward to seeing those...Check out Nana's blog: Here Go the Weasels for some of the pictures she took at the reception, thanks Nana!

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