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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


June 6 is historically known as D-Day marking the beginning of the landings in Normandy during World War II. June 6, 2009, 65 years after the original D-Day, we had another D-Day for Kelly's and Dani's wedding.

We were blessed with clear weather for D-Day 2009. The rain we had been experiencing all week and which picked up again the next day, took a break and allowed us one dry day. We were also blessed to have all of our family here for the big occasion. My two brothers, their children, my mother and Aunt Sharon were able to be with us. Both of Rob's sisters, one brother and their families along with his mother were there. We are certain both of our dads were with us in the temple too.
So D-Day takes on additional meaning when we consider 'D'ani's big 'D'ay being 'D'ry and surrounded by 'D'ear ones here and 'D'eparted.

We felt so much love and support from the many friends and family who came to the wedding and reception. Thank you everyone for making our D-Day downright 'D'elightful!

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Dean and Sheri said...

Hey Georgia...the reception was so nice. I wanted to talk with you but you were busy talking with so many other people and I didn't want to interrupt. We did have a nice chat with Rob. Danni was so, so pretty and your son-in-law absolutely glows...what a great young man. Larissa loved sharing that day with all of you. Thanks for loving her....she loves the Crouch fam, that's for sure. Your lucky I'm not the jealous type! AND she adores your mom and nephews.