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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Little More Lamenting

Okay, I am not going to say ANYTHING about the track except it is STILL locked.  End of topic.

But, my heartstrings were tugged at yesterday while driving down Washington Boulevard.  Blocks before I reached 22nd Street, I could see the giant crane looming over the temple block and tears sprung to my eyes. As I drew nearer, I could see the hollowed out shells of two beloved buildings above the 8-foot-high fence encompassing the entire grounds.  There was also an enormous mound of dirt towering over the height of the fence lending to the feeling of wreckage and destruction.
Photo from six weeks ago before the crane was set up and
the enormous pile of dirt appeared.
I miss the Ogden Temple.  I miss our Tabernacle.  We have attended Stake Conference in our ward building twice now. Watching a transmission on a little screen is less than satisfying and I detest sitting on the hard, folding metal chairs in the cultural hall.  I miss those lovely, padded theater-type seats in the tabernacle.

As much as I miss the tabernacle, I miss the temple a thousand times more.  How I long for the 15-minute drive and close & convenient parking.  Since the Ogden Temple closed, we have attended the Provo, Bountiful and Logan Temples and have appreciated those opportunities, but I have to admit to feeling a little out of place and disassociated compared the feeling of belonging I had always experienced in Ogden.

It has only been six months since the Ogden buildings were closed; demolition isn't even concluded yet.  With two and half more years of feeling sad over the closures of these  dearly loved buildings still to come, I realize what a joy it will be to have the new structures completed.  I guarantee I will never take them for granted again.
Artist rendition of how the new Ogden Temple will look.
Even as a child, I didn't tolerate alterations to routines without a fuss.  I know things change, but it doesn't mean that I handle it well.  I apologize for all my whining lately. I will try get through this bravely; anticipating the new beautiful temple and tabernacle… although, I think it would be helpful if someone would just unlock the gate to the track!


Tina said...

Your post had me lamenting along with you until the last line . . . and then I had to laugh!

So sorry you are missing your temple . . . I didn't even know all this was taking place.

I often say "the only thing you can count on is change!" So true . . . ..

Dean and Sheri said...

Oh, Georgia...first you had me all misty eyed (I miss the temple and tabernacle too)and then you have me laughing out loud.

Celia Turner said...

I loved the last line, as well! You are so funny! It is a little sad that the Ogden Temple will be so new and different. My sister was married there. If she were here, I think she would be a bit sad, too. Change is hard..., but it is also good!
I wish I could sympathize with you about the track - but I really, REALLY don't like running. I wish, WISH I did!!! Hope they unlock the gate, soon!