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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lamenting my Loss

I know I have spent far too much time and space in this blog talking about the track at Weber High School, but just let me vent for another minute or two and then I'll be quiet.

The week before school started (that would have been the middle of August), all three gates of the track were chained and padlocked.  I figured that school officials were concerned about vandalism from disgruntled students having to return to school and that it would soon be opened.  I checked each day including the day school started, but everything was still locked up tight.

Two weeks later, big banner-type signs were displayed at the gates stating "Track Closed Next Two Weeks, Major Construction".   Okay, I can wait for two more weeks and continue to walk/run the streets of my town while I wait for my track to reopen...

Well, I want to point out that it is October 11, the signs are still displayed saying "...Two Weeks..."  Hello! Does anyone realize how much I need the track reopened?  Are they aware of how annoyed I am about walking up the hills with headlights in my eyes, dodging sprinklers, skirting potholes, slipping on gravel, and being startled by pets?  Don't they realize how frustrating it is to rattle a locked gate every morning?  Who would think someone could miss running in circles so much?!

Apparently, they are putting in a whole new track.  I forlornly peer through the chain link fence at the top of the hill on the west end each morning to see if they have made any progress (not much!).  Camille tells me that the new surface will be red when it is complete (who cares?)  I just want the track to reopen before it snows.

Thank you for allowing me my temper tantrum for the day.

Visit this Wiki Map to see a bird's eye view of Weber High School including the old track.  You can also see the Canal Road running east/west above the school grounds.  This is a fairly good running alternative, except for all the dog walkers who don't clean up after their pets (just one more little tirade...okay, now I'm done.)


Tina said...

Blogging is great for getting it all out. I tried screaming in the shower this morning . . . thought it might be cathartic, I think I need screaming lessons . . . a planned scream . . . . it was pathetic not cathartic!

Georgia said...

I agree, Tina. I think my day has been much better since my little rant this morning.

I hope you can get your screaming lessons or at least sit down and blog about it awhile to release frustration. (I also hope whatever is making you want to scream is soon resolved...)

Georgia said...

Update: October 19. The big exit gate was open this morning so I cautiously made my way up to the track. A strong smell of new rubber permeated the air and a new black (not red--at least not yet) surface was laid. I reached down and touched it, it felt firm yet springy! I don't know if there is still work to be done and the gate was accidentally left open...but there is progress! I'll keep you posted.