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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Marking Time

I know it was six months ago because I was listening to the Saturday morning session of Conference while I was out working in my garden.  I was tending tiny little lettuce, spinach and cilantro plants and pulling weeds and spreading mulch to be tilled over the rest of garden.  I was making decisions about what I would plant this year while being nourished by the good word.

Here six months later, I spent a couple of hours between Conference sessions cutting down the tall, dry cornstalks at the other end of my garden in preparation for the winter months ahead.  We harvested so many delicious ears of corn which nourished our bodies and I was able to cut and freeze many bags of corn to feed us until we have fresh corn on the cob again.

I am constantly amazed at how quickly time passes and things and people who come and go.  Marking time and looking back at things that have changed over time fascinates me.  I also like to look ahead and think of what will be new and different in another marked period of time.  I wonder how things will be and how I will feel in April 2012?  Maybe I'll spend some time in the garden anticipating another season of growth.


Tina said...

This probably isn't what my comment should include . . . . but

BOY, OH BOY! do I miss the days of conference coming through on regular TV and the radio. I used to do "stuff" while listening also!

Enjoy it! (I know you do, but maybe, just maybe without realizing how good it is ;)

Georgia said...

I know we take it for granted, Tina, and we are truly blessed. Thank you for the reminder.

I did have a tremendous moment of awareness of my blessings in that regard when our Stake was able to attend Women's Conference the week before. As we all gathered in rows in the Conference Center, I looked around in awe and realized that not that many people actually get to do this and I am a very lucky/blessed person.