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Friday, April 16, 2010

Jimmy the Traveling Frog

Our family has had a furry little secret for many years: a frog puppet named Jimmy likes to travel with us. This began when our children were very young. Bryan brought Jimmy on one of our driving trips (I believe it was to California). The road was long, the ride was boring, and the kids were becoming weary, when suddenly Jimmy was on Rob's hand and trying to drive the car. The kids all thought this was hilarious and roared with laughter at the antics of this outspoken, bossy frog trying to take us someplace Rob didn't want to drive, arguing back and forth and finally being flung dramatically into the backseat.

For several years after that trip, Jimmy would make an appearance on long journeys and usually he'd try driving again...his steering skills never seemed to improve. But then the kids started bringing more interesting things on trips: video games, music playing devices and the DVD player with stacks of movies and poor Jimmy was left behind.

When Bryan was packing up his room before entering the MTC, he piled all the stuffed animals into a garbage bag along with clothes he'd outgrown, high school memoriabilia and other knick knacks. This he designated as his "D I" stuff. The afternoon after we dropped him at the MTC, Rob, Cami and I in a unified, yet unspoken way made our way to Bryan's quiet bedroom. We looked at his things...those he'd left unpacked and the things he'd thrown in the junk bag. Later, we each left his room with a thing or two rescued from the bag. I noticed Jimmy was tucked under Rob's arm along with a baseball cap and a seminary medal.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks to March 26th. We had just landed at Baltimore Washington Airport and were about to disembark our plane. Rob retrieved our carry-on luggage and we were sitting in our seats patiently waiting when suddenly, there was Jimmy!! He had stowed away and was once again joining us on our travels.

Stow-Away Jimmy, bad frog!

I wonder what the TSA agent must have thought when he searched Rob's carry-on bag?

Look who is standing behind George Washington.

The Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the White House were all on Jimmy's 'must see' list.

Being carried everywhere you'd think he wouldn't too tired to try driving home.

Jimmy became a fan of cannons...He found them at Gettysburg and Inner Harbor, Baltimore.

In Manhattan Jimmy didn't like the rain much...which seems strange for a frog,
but he claims he didn't want to get his fur wet.

Our Jimmy has a lot of miles on him now...I wonder where he'll travel next?


Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh:) Thanks for posting it. I'm so glad you saved jimmy from the DI bag.

Dani Marie said...

I enjoyed this so much! Man that Jimmy is a crazy driver. Good thing he didn't try to drive in B'more. I'm glad you saved Jimmy from the D.I. bag too. We had so much fun with you guys while you were out here and miss you all!

Tina said...

What a fun tradition to have!! Jimmy is well traveled!

Dean and Sheri said...

I loved this fun post. Thanks for sharing "Jimmy"...made me laugh. What a fun family you Crouch's are.

Melissa said...

This is AWESOME! Jimmy needs to go everywhere! I love love love it!

Susi said...

looks like you had a wonderful time!!!!! hope to see ya before WE GO TO PHILLY :)