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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Full Circle

I have driven to work along Highway I-84 Eastbound every morning for the past year. I believe it must be the most beautiful stretch of road in the entire state of Utah. (It looks like every roadway we drove on in Maryland). Last April I watched in wonder each morning as the sun was rising through the boughs of all the trees which grow thick along the roadside and the median. Each tree seemed to have a different hue of green, pink, and yellow as new buds and leaves were emerging. All summer the leafy beauty framed the road and then came the glorious autumn when the leaves changed to so many colors and shifted and changed daily as they began to drop. I missed the color all winter. It was like driving through a black and white photo with the dark branches and snow-covered ground and so often a gray sky as a background. But here I am back to where I started last April with the sweet pastel colors growing and changing buds into leaves. I look forward to the full-out green explosion I will experience soon each morning with the radiant sun glimmering through the all those trees.


Tina said...

It truly is glorious! No matter what is happening in a person's life, mother nature just keeps producing her miracles!

Dean and Sheri said...

Thanks for taking me along with you for your drive to work...I really enjoyed it.