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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 3 - Baltimore, Maryland

DAY 3, Sunday March 29, 2010
Today we woke up early (again) and went to church with Dani and Kelly in The Jones Falls Ward in Towson, Maryland. It was so fun to be in their ward and to worship with them on this beautiful spring day. Everyone was very welcoming and kind. The high point for me was attending primary. Dani and Kelly teach a Sunbeam class. It was obvious that their little three- and four-year-olds love them very much.

After church we went back to their apartment where Kelly made us Artichoke Chicken for lunch; it was yummy! We took a nap, visited, watched a movie and then in the late afternoon, we went for a drive to Inner Harbor, Baltimore.

It was trying to rain and the wind was blowing, but we had so much fun walking around Pier 5 and seeing the sights. The SS Constellation, a sailing ship from Civil War days, a World War II Submarine, a Coastguard Ship were all moored in the harbor. We looked at these and the offices, restaurants and other buildings surrounding the pier. Baltimore is really a beautiful city with a rich history. It is so amazing to realize that we were walking and driving past buildings that were 300 years old.

The SS Constellation Sailing Ship

Daffodils were blooming everywhere in Baltimore, even the medians of the freeways.

A Coastguard Ship

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Tina said...

I love the Inner Harbor!!

I'm hoping you got to go see Fort McHenry. We always make the hour ride from where we live to show our visiting guests! It is only a couple of minutes from the Harbor.