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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 3 South Korea

Kevin's Missionary Apartment in Gwanju Riding the Korean Rail System
Gwanju's city center

This morning we are in Gwanju. We had a nice day yesterday riding the very comfortable rail system in Korea. (Why can't the airlines make their seats as nice, roomy and comfortable as the railway?)

Our next hotel did indeed make and KEEP the reservation Kevin made and had a room ready for us. What welcome news that was because it was the address we left with Korean Airlines to return the missing luggage. Sometime in the night after we were asleep, the phone rang and we were informed that the bag was here. First thing this morning Kevin went down and retrieved it for me from the front desk. Happy day!

So today, we are on our way out for more Korean adventures. We will walk downtown and take the subway system to visit some of Kevin's old mission areas. We found the Gwanju Stake Center yesterday and Kevin reminisced about attending church, bringing investigators, and spending P-Days playing ping pong there.

He says many things seem different and other things haven't changed at all. It is a strange feeling to come back to a place you've been away from for several years.

Tomorrow we will have to check out the hotel really early to catch the train to Pussan to catch the ferry to Fukuoka, Japan. So today is really our last day in Korea and we will try to make the most of today.


Margie said...

I'm so glad you are there and having such an adventure!! I'm glad that your luggage caught up to you. That is always something to worry about!! I'm glad you are safe and happy. I can't wait to see pictures and I am so glad I noticed you had posted so now I will keep looking to get updates!!

Dean and Sheri said...

It's so good to hear you are there safely and having a good time. How great to have Kevin to show you around Korea and what an adventure to visit such a place. All us girls can realate to being "material"...I've learned to take some things as carry on...just in case! I'm happy you got your bag back. I feel bad I didn't wish Bryan a Happy B-Day on FB...I forgot! I'm looking forward to reading more about your adventure.