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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 2--South Korea

The Korean Airliner we flew on for 16 hours!

Inchon International Airport was absolutely gorgeous!
A quaint rail station on our way to Daecheon

Hello from Daecheon, South Korea to my faithful two or three blog followers!

Kevin, Bryan and I made the long and arduous journey from Salt Lake International Airport to the Inchon International Airport as we flew through a day and a night and right through Bryan's 19th Birthday. Unfortunately, not all of our luggage made the voyage with us. My suitcase is sitting somewhere in this vast world where I'm not...I'm realizing what a material girl I am as I shower and put on the same clothes and don't have my toothbrush, hair gel, hair spray, makeup, etc. to prepare for the day.

The second setback came when we finally made our way through 3 subway transfers, a mad dash to make our reserved rail car, finally found a taxi driver who knew which hotel we were to stay at and finally upon arrival discovered that the hotel reservation didn't match up with anything at the Best Western Inn AND that they didn't have a single room available for the night. I for the first time in my life had an inkling of what Mary and Joseph must have felt as they were turned away in a strange place into a cold night without a room to stay in.

We pulled our remaining suitcases down the sidewalk and around the corner to another hotel and felt extremely blessed to find lodgings there. Thank goodness we didn't have to locate a stable, although a bed of straw may have been a little more comfortable than the rock-hard beds we slept on last night. But even with with the uncomfortable beds, the place was warm (too warm actually and how do you turn down the heat in here?) and there was bottled water in a little fridge (at only $2.00 per bottle on the provided list). Kevin went out this morning and bought us orange juice, fruit and crackers from a corner store so we had a little breakfast and now we are off on our next adventure.

As often as possible, I will post an update so those who know and care about us can keep track of where we are and what we are up to. Please also keep us in your prayers (I could use all the help possible so my suitcase will somehow find its way back to us.) Thanks!

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