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Friday, October 23, 2009

Mission Guesses

A few years ago while Kevin was waiting for his mission call, we put up a world map in our office and had everyone who knew him write their guess of where he would be called to serve. The map became covered with tiny slips of bright colored paper as everyone made their guess. Kevin's cousin, Amanda, guessed he would go to South Korea and earned a large bag of M n Ms for her insightfulness. Those slips of paper recently came down even though Kevin has been home for four years.

The map is still on the wall and is now waiting for guesses of where Bryan will go on his mission. I've got another bag of M n Ms (or your favorite candy) to the one who guesses the closest country/state of Bryan's call.

Post your guesses here and we'll put them up on the map and hopefully we'll know in a few weeks where our son will be spending the next two years.


Bea said...

Any one of the missions in the British Isles and that includes Ireland.

Melissa said...

My guess is Moscow Russia :)

Dani Marie said...
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Dani Marie said...

My guess is Taiwan...or Japan. I'll go with Taiwan for now.

Kelly guesses New York City, (which would be cool, because I'd make sure we accidentally bumped into him.)

Oh, weird-story-that-I-can't-believe-I-haven't-told-you-yet-and-since-we're-on-the-topic-of-missions, at stake conference the week before last, I ran into Colby Mellies from high school. It was weird, so he took a picture with us and then he was like, "I should probably go, my companion's waiting" and he gestured and there was JEFF BARNES from Bountiful! They're companions! It was so crazy!

Anyway, love you and this is so exciting! I can hardly believe my little brother is going on a mission so soon! And when the call comes you have to call me when he opens it, and you need to send me a picture of him with his missionary haircut.

Anonymous said...

Mark Kobe, Japan
Nana Mauritius!

Margie said...

Margie thinks Japan and Tim thinks Hungary.

Dean and Sheri said...