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Friday, October 2, 2009

I've Often Wished I Could Paint

I've longed to be able to paint. It is something I've desired since I was a child, but today my heart aches because I don't have the skill to even poorly duplicate what I see in nature.

As I was driving to work in the predawn, when the sky was opalescent pink and the western mountains only tipped with the very first ray of the sun, a flock of Canadian Geese took flight from a farmer's field. Their necks were stretched far forward and their strong wings beat in unity as they instantly moved into their 'V' formation.

God must find such joy in His amazing creations. I can only imagine how he must delight in the beauties of his designs. There are times when I see grace and form or hear music that stirs my soul when I desire to have even a particle of that creative ability to make something so beautiful it almost hurts to see or hear it.

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Dani Marie said...

You may not be able to paint, but you sure can write.