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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Day, Baby Girl

Another birthday celebration is upon us at the Crouch household. Cami is 16 years old as of 8:33 a.m. October 5th! It is hard to believe that so many years have flown by in what seems to be a heartbeat. With the constant remindings we received during the countdown to this momentous day, you wouldn't think it could have snuck up on us like this, but it did.

Sixteen years ago last week, my parents traveled from Arizona to be with us and help out around the house during the recovery after our baby's birth. We had a planned C-Section and thought we knew exactly when the day would be, but on September 26, 1993 I had an amniocentesis performed and found that the baby's lungs were not developed yet, so my Dad returned home and left my Mother with us in Bountiful. That next week was one of the most fun and memorable times I've ever spent with my Mom. She cleaned the house like it had never been cleaned before...every window gleamed and the floors were spotless. We shopped, we went on long drives, we did some canning, we sat and talked and then when I did go to the hospital I knew my other three children were in the best hands possible. What a joy it was to bring home our new baby Camille and give her the middle name of Rose after her loving grandmother who had given us so much of her valuable time and energies.

Happy birthday, Camille Rose. We love you and are thrilled you are a member of our family. We hope you will strive to live up to that amazing middle name you've been given.

Some things you should know about Cami:

1. She has a beautiful smile, she is the only one of the four kids who didn't have to wear braces to get those straight teeth.

2. Cami is very kind especially to animals, older people and those who are less fortunate in anyway. She has a soft heart.

3. Cami plays the violin and now has a desire to play the guitar. We are currently shopping for the perfect instrument.

4. Her math skills have usually left her frustrated, but this year she is doing very well in Geometry. Don't ask her to do Algebra though.

5. This sweet face can be contorted into the funniest and strangest face you've ever seen. Ask her to do the "Gloo" for you some time.

6. Camille LOVES new clothes. She says she wishes she could draw better because then she could be a fashion designer. She is the family's fashion advisor and won't let us out of the house if she doesn't approve of the outfit.

7. She also loves to dance. She has a natural ability and rhythm. She wants to be a Cougarette at BYU while she attends college there someday.

8. Camille has a sweet testimony of the Savior and the gospel. She loves to attend EFY, Firesides, and other events where she feels the spirit. She earned her Young Womanhood award two years ago just before her 14th birthday.

9. Cami has great communication skills, she writes beautifully and expresses herself well in both written and verbal illustrated by her constant use of a cell phone, computer and her mouth.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl! Happy birthday Cam!

Dani Marie said...

This is sweet. Happy Birthday Cami!

Margie said...

Cami is a beautiful girl. As usually, I am a few days late!! But Happy Birthday week!! I can't believe Cami is 16!!

Dean and Sheri said...

She is such a cute, cute girl! I hope her birthday was memorable for her.