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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shortest Calling Ever

Two weeks ago Rob and I were called in to meet with our bishop. We were asked to serve as Ward Missionaries in our new Pleasant View 8th Ward. We happily accepted the calling and started studying the "Teach My Gospel" manual in anticipation of our responsibilities to teach ward members.

Last night when Rob and I returned home (Rob from work and I from a day of Utah State PTA Arts Panel Meetings) there was a message to return a call to our stake executive secretary. Rob phoned him and we were asked to meet with President Keller at 9:00 p.m. Both Rob and I assumed it would be regarding Kelly's return from Uruguay (DAY AFTER TOMORROW!) so we went to the stake offices and waited for our turn to meet with the president. When he had us in his office, he completely surprised us by extending a new stake calling to us and releasing us from our very recent ward calling. Stake Conference is this weekend and he said we would be sustained at the Sunday meeting. So our term as ward missionaries started and ended in two weeks with us failing to have a single experience in that calling. Hopefully, we will have more time and success in our new positions.

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