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Friday, April 3, 2009

Left To Tell

If you've looked at my 'favorite book' listing you may have noticed a book entitled "Left to Tell" by Immaculee Ilibagiza. It is a most amazing story of a college-age young woman who survived the horrifying events that occurred during the Rwandan Holocaust in which the Hutu nearly decimated the entire Tutsis tribe. Nearly a million men, women and children were murdered in cold blood by their fellow countrymen, but what makes it so unbelievable is that this happened in 1994. The chilling events chronicled in this story are made beautiful by the fact that Immaculee found the sweetness of forgiveness, faith, and the love of God. I will forever be inspired by this book and I highly recommend it. (I own a copy if you'd like to borrow it.)

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Margie said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I am just about done with a book I am reading, so I will be giving you a call!