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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

B.D. Boy

Today is Rob's birthday.  I just want to take a minute and a few lines to honor the man who has been my husband for nearly 30 years (our 30th anniversary is in two weeks!).

I didn't want Rob to go to work today.  I hoped he would stay here and allow us to celebrate the day together.  But today is a payroll day and too many people count on their paychecks appearing in their bank accounts, so he headed out the door for his long, daily drive to Bountiful.

About a week ago I asked Rob what he'd like for his birthday.  He has been mulling it over and finally last night he answered, "I can't think of a single thing I want."  When I pestered him about it again this morning he said, "I'd like a cherry pie."  When I finish typing this post, I'll mix up and roll out a pie crust, dump in a jar of home-bottled cherry pie filling, and make a lattice top sprinkled with sugar.  It will be cool when he comes home from work, but he has a home teaching appointment this evening, which he'll do as soon as he gets home.  Then he and I can have a leisurely dinner and a piece of pie for dessert.

Happy birthday, Rob!  I love you!  I feel so incredibly fortunate you are in my life.  Thank you for being so kind, loving, and thoughtful.  I am so blessed!


wendy said...

Funny as how we get older, there just often times "isnt anything we want". Our needs are simpler.
Like a cherry pie.

Tina said...

A gift from the heart!!! I bet he enjoyed every bite. Happy birthday Rob! And happy anniversary in two weeks!

He sounds a little like my hubby. Home teaching on his birthday!!!!

Lesley said...

I'm very impressed that your husband went hometeaching on his birthday. I saw the pie on facebook and it looked wonderful! Last year we discovered that we share the same wedding anniversary... your husbands birthday is just a few days before my husbands birthday. I hope he enjoyed his day... and pie :)