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Monday, December 24, 2012


For anyone I haven't already seen and reported to, Friday's appointment at Huntsman was good.  I had to drink the nasty contrast stuff (again) and get an IV (again), but after the CT, the oncology team examined the images and came into my exam room with an attitude of celebration.  They were amazed to announce the mass has shrunk some more.  It started out the size of a small orange and is now smaller than a walnut.
I asked when I would feel better.  Dr. Scaffe said that the scar tissue that developed around the mass will take six to 12 months to heal and could cause some residual effects.  She was also concerned about an additional spot on my uterus and advised that we get that biopsied.  She signed me off to the gynaecological center where we were able to get that procedure scheduled for January 4.

So, overall, it was good news.  There are still a couple of questions to answer and some time needed to heal.  I've got another CT scheduled at Huntsman to verify that the tumor completely disappears. But I can tell I am feeling better.  I am eating better.  I've gained about five pounds back.  My legs aren't quite so shaky.  I'm so grateful for improvement!  Thank you for the prayers.  They are being answered!!


Lisa said...

At this time of year, what a great gift you have been given and what a great opportunity to use words like "rejoice", "joy" and "celebration". I'm so pleased for you my friend.

Celia Turner said...

I'm so glad that things are looking better! I hope that you continue to heal and feel better soon! I'll keep you in my prayers!

Tina said...

Such AWESOME news!

Julie Brame said...

That is such good news! Keep on healing!!!!