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Friday, August 17, 2012

Utah Olympic Park II

One year ago today, we took a trip up the canyon to spend the day at Utah Olympic Park.  I blogged about it here.  Yesterday we went again.  We had had another fabulous day.  Camille invited her friend, Kallie, to go with us and Bryan came this year so I would have someone to ride with on the chairlift and zipline. We purchased the unlimited passes and did everything at least once.
Camille and Kallie when we arrived at Olympic Park
in front of the Ski Jump Pool
It was another fabulous August day. The high temperature in Park City was only 87, and with clouds floating past the sun, we received periodic shade throughout the day so we never felt too hot or uncomfortable.  The ski lift threaded us through the trees on the leisurely ride up the mountain and a soft breeze kept the lift rides cool and relaxing so we arrived at the top ready for the hair-raising races down the alpine slide or xtreme zipline.
Camille and Kallie in the Chairlift
After a run on each of the rides, we took a break and ate our picnic lunch.  After refueling we were ready for a couple more runs and then up the mountain in the Jeep for the Bobsled ride.  I opted out of this particular thrill. My neck gives me trouble every day since I was rear-ended while stopped at a light in 1993, so I skipped the opportunity to fly down the mountain at 70-80 miles an hour in a four-man bobsled.  Bryan, Camille, and Kallie were game for the chance though. They got suited (helmeted) up, were instructed on how to sit, what to hold on, and how to keep breathing for the one minute ride down the long track. Bryan was invited to help push bobsled #15 before he climbed into the next sled with the girls.
Helmeted for the Bobsled Ride
Bryan doing a Bobsled Pushstart
Loaded and ready to roll 80 mph down the mountain track
The score/time board is running for each of the bobsled rides.  It shows the number of runs each day and then ranks each ride.  Bryan, Camille, and Kallie were sled #16 for the day and at the end of their ride, they were ranked #1!  We are pretty certain they hold the world record in warm-weather bobsledding now!  Yay, gold medals!! 
Number 1 Ranking belongs to Bryan, Kallie, and Camille!
Back to the top after the Bobsled run
After the Bobsled Run - Fastest of the Day!
Utah Olympic Park makes for a fun day trip. In addition to the great rides, they have added a junior and an adult ropes course and are working on another attraction that will be open next summer.  The only problem we had was wanting to stay longer and continue to play, but the park closes at 6:00.  Bryan had plans for the evening so we didn't linger and shop at the outlet stores this time like we did last year.  We have an excuse to go back! 
Chairlift to Zipline

Kallie ready to slide on Quicksilver
Chairlift to Quicksilver Alpine Slide


Dani Marie said...

That looks so fun!!! I want to go...

Georgia said...

When can you come, Dani!? I'll pick you up from the airport and we'll go to Olympic Park and do all the fun stuff!

wendy said...

What a fantastic day this must have been.
I am a scardy cat......the few times I have gone down the Alpine Slide, I break all the way
the people behind me HATE ME.