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Friday, August 24, 2012

End of Summer 2012

The corn is done and it's time to pull it out.

The squash plants are huge and prolific.
The Hollyhocks are spent and I cut them down.
I've started picking peaches and bottling produce.
Chili Sauce, Raspberry Juice and Zucchini Relish I bottled yesterday.

New blooms on the front porch.

The flower pots are full of color and so beautiful right now.
Coleus of many shades (I wish I could make this photo go the right direction)

Loaded Tomato Vines

Raspberries galore!

We delivered Camille to Logan to attend USU.  
Back to school for me too.  I will be driving to Logan
three days a week this semester.
Wish me luck!


wendy said...

I miss all that homemade produce. I used to do TONS and TONS of canning ............but I don't do any now.
We didn't get our garden plot done this spring/summer like we had hoped. Next year??
My plants are all about ready to be emptied....we have a much shorter season here for keeping things "alive..and looking well"

Dani Marie said...

Did you get the package we sent? I was thinking you could watch Downton Abbey while you did canning and stuff. Love you!

Celia Turner said...

WOW!!! Your produce looks fantastic!! My garden is pretty pathetic - to say the least! My tomatoes are all still green, and I've only had 2 zucchini's all year! (weird, I know!!) I'm jealous of your lovely raspberries, too! Hopefully, my new little patch will give us more than a small handful! Have fun with all of the canning :)

Tina said...

Look at how industrious you are!! I am truly jealous of the peaches. Nothing like a Utah peach! (Georgia peaches don't even compare) ha!