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Friday, August 5, 2011

Lost and Found

Over a month ago when Kevin and Lindsey got married, I took my camera to the event with the intention of taking photos.  Somehow in the joy and confusion of the day, I came home without it.  The next several days my stress level was somewhere in the stratosphere so I did not notice the camera wasn't at the house.  A few days later I was looking for it but thought it was probably in boxes of stuff still to be put away following the receptions or maybe even under the seat of the Jeep.  As each item was returned to its proper place and boxes were emptied, the camera still had not resurfaced, I despaired, I had left my camera at the Logan Temple and it was closed for cleaning until August 3.

August 3 has been circled on my camera for a month waiting until I could collect my camera because I was certain anyone finding a camera on the temple grounds would turn it in.  Imagine my sadness when the sweet sisters in the temple searched through everything and could not find it.

The good news is that after our session last night, we zipped downtown to the Coppermill Restaurant and asked if they had a lost and found.  When the girl heard I was looking for a camera that might have been left there five weeks ago, she was doubtful since she didn't recall a camera being in the lost and found collection.  But she went to look; when she walked out of the back room holding MY CAMERA CASE, I could have kissed her!

So I was able to see the photos for the first time that Margie Marsden took for me with my camera at the Logan Temple.  Here are a few:

 Groom's Family

 Our Beautiful Bride
We are so happy for Kevin and Lindsey AND I'm so happy to have my camera back.


Dani Marie said...

I'm so glad you found it!!! Hooray!

Tina said...

So glad you got your camera back . . . . it isn't the camera mostly, but the contents on it!!! (though I'd mourn my camera also :)

Dean and Sheri said...

These photos are priceless, to be sure. I am so happy that you found your camera. What a blessing. And...what a beautiful day. I got all teary-eyed looking at all this happiness. Thank you for sharing.