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Friday, July 15, 2011


My parents were demanding and had high expectations of me and my brothers.  I think I've probably portrayed that in some past posts. I was working long, hard hours at home and with my dad from the time I was very young.  Growing up, I felt that I was relied on heavily to keep everything running at home.

I have discovered I should have been more like my parents in the expectation department. I think in some ways I've coddled and over-indulged my own children and injured them on certain levels because of it.  (Probably my two younger children more than the older two.)

Recently, Camille, my youngest, came to me and told me that she wanted to learn to cook.  At first I thought, "Of course you know how to cook, you've been hanging out with me in the kitchen for 17 years, certainly you've picked it up over time."  But then I realized, that the responsibilities I have given her haven't involved any of the actual 'cooking'.  She sets the table, takes out the garbage, loads and unloads the dishwasher, sets out condiments and things like that.  So in an effort to rectify my severe lack of teaching, we have embarked on a rigorous week of cooking and we've been eating well these past few days as a result.

So far Camille has made Spinach Quiche, Beef Strogonoff,  Marguerita Pizza, and Marinated Grilled Chicken all accompanied with salads, fruit and vegetables.  She asks early each day what we have ingredients to make and then decides what she would like to learn.  She doesn't want me to do any of the work, just show or tell her and allow her to do it.  She even cut all the skin, fat and gristle off the meat (a chore I hate). She wouldn't let me grate cheese or even cut up vegetables.  She wanted to do it all.  (THIS IS GREAT!)

Camille believes the things she's made so far are too simple and wants to expand to more involved and difficult dishes, so if you have any suggestions for good training meals, I could sure use some more ideas...


Dani Marie said...

That's pretty cool! Way to go Cami! Kelly has some good recipes. Someday when we get his blog up and running there will be good ones on there. I could send you some in the meantime. Cami can let me know if there is something she'd like to make that you guys don't have a recipe for and I could see if we have a good one.

While you're at teaching Cami how to cook, me and Kelly need lessons on cutting fat and nasties off chicken. I get it all, but mutilate the piece of meat. Kelly leaves the meat looking whole, but misses pieces of nasty, so when I bite into it I'm just done. I can't eat anymore after I bite into that.

Tina said...

The best two weeks of my life were when my daughter was working on one of her goals in young women . . . . which was to make dinner for that amount of time! WONDERFUL!

I don't have any suggestions, BUT I wish I had known about kitchen shears earlier in my life. It sure does make trimming chicken much easier!!!

Margie said...

I am very proud of Cami!! I want to come and be your student too!! It sound like you have been having some wonderful meals! I am looking forward to the temple on Thursday with you two.