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Friday, March 18, 2011

Prom--Past and Present

WHS Prom 3-13-2011
Cami went to Prom last week.  Prom equals DRAMA in my mind.  For weeks it was a tangle of asking/answering, going/not going, tears/dry eyes, and dress shopping the weeks prior to Prom, but in the end she had a good time, went with a nice boy, has photographic evidence that she attended, and is still friends with the guy.  What more could you ask for?
DHS Junior Prom 1979
Going to Prom was a dramatic thing for me in 1979 at good ol' Delta High School.  Robin Lyman asked me to the dance early one morning by phone before I caught the bus to school.  It was awkward and I couldn't even look the poor guy in the eyes the weeks prior to the dance.  Somehow,  Robin and I are still friends.  We even ate at the same table at our 20th and 30th class reunions.
LGHS Junior Prom 1974

I don't know much about Rob's Los Gatos High School Junior Prom, but it must have been dramatic because he won't talk about it.  I know the first name of the girl is Annetta and that he hasn't seen or talked to her since shortly after he got back from his mission.

Thank goodness all these proms are now in the past.


Tina said...

No kidding about the "thank goodness" part. High school is something I n.e.v.e.r want to do again. I rode the bus with the Lyman kids. . . . they were always the last ones on the bus going to school and the first ones off going home . . . . lucky ducks! We were the complete opposite of us (first ones on and last ones off)!! That is all I ever had to do with Robin . . . . sitting across from him on the bus!

Fun pics!

Georgia said...

So one day when Robyn climbed on the bus, he had probably just called and asked me to Prom! Where else but Delta would that be the case?

Tina said...

I may have to dust off some of my old prom pics for a flashback friday. . . yikes!

Dean and Sheri said...

Yes, Georgia. YES! What a fun post. I'm gonna be a copy-cat...Hope ya don't mind. Cami's dress was STUNNING! Love it. You are an absolute doll in your prom photo. Rob...are you SURE that's Rob's prom picture? ;-) And weren't those the good 'ol days though, when the boy just picked up the phone, called the girl and said something like, "Um. Uh. So...I was wondering if you'd...uh...well, ya know prom is coming up pretty soon you...ya to go" Yeah. That's the way it should be. Ah, the good 'ol days.