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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Feeling Just a Little Blue

One year ago today--Wednesday March 10, 2010--Rob, Camille and I dropped Bryan at the curb of the Missionary Training Center to spend the next 13 weeks learning Hungarian before heading to Budapest.

Bryan worked HARD to learn this difficult language and had the additional responsibility of being a Zone Leader with his companion, Elder Smith.  They worked together to serve their zone and made many friends over those months.  Finally the big day came for the Hungarian Elders and Sisters who'd served their time to fly to Budapest and get this show on the road.

Elder Crouch loved and appreciated his trainer, Elder Cheney, almost from the first moment the met.  They worked well together and Bryan sent home such upbeat emails.

Needless to say, it was a complete shock to receive a phone call from Sister Baughman, the Mission President's wife, telling us that Bryan had been to an orthopedic in Budapest and was in terrible pain from bad knees.  They hoped to be able to send Bryan to Germany to do surgery and allow him to recover in the Mission Home.  After an MRI was performed; however, the physician said the recovery would be so long that they would have to send Bryan home and give him a Medical Release.

The ensuing months have been tough on our family as Bryan's knees continue to swell and ache.  He has followed all the instructions of the surgeon and physical therapist, but we are all anxious for a full and complete healing.  Unfortunately, with osteoarthritis the healing may never be full or complete.

So at this one-year-mark, what should be Bryan's "Hump Day", we are all feeling a bit blue.


Tina said...

The most important thing is that he get healthy and let those legs heal. You already know this, but it is the bumps in the road that help us to "become." He and the rest of you will gain from this experience.

It is so sad that there are some young men that are totally healthy and don't have a desire to serve the Lord, and on the other hand those who desire with all their hearts to serve and their bodies just won't let them. It is truly the desires of our hearts that matter.

Hang in there!

Georgia said...

Thank you, Tina. I appreciate your insightful comments and your kind thoughts.

We are hanging in here and just praying for healing of knees and hearts.