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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Anniversary Wishes

One year ago today Dani and Kelly were married in the Logan Temple. It was a remarkable day. I have the joy of that wonderful day stored in my heart like photographs pasted in a scrapbook. I visit those memories often and drink again and again from the happiness of the rare love that brought these two together and the sealing power which binds them together eternally.

I have not ceased to marvel at the way things have worked out for Dani and Kelly since they met more than five years ago. It was a storybook romance from the first and their commitment to one anther has grown exponentially since then.

Just two days after their wedding, the Aherns undertook a five day, cross-country drive to Baltimore, Maryland with almost everything they own in and on a small car. It took a great deal of faith for them to leave home and family and start their new life together alone in a strange new place. In the last year, they’ve had many adventures and experiences that would cause an older, more mature couple to tremble; but it has not shaken Dani and Kelly. They have grown closer and stronger and have learned to depend upon the Lord and to rely on one another.

My sincerest wishes are for Dani and Kelly to continue to cherish each other and be ‘one’ in all things through many, many more years and into eternity.