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Monday, February 15, 2010

Ice Skating

While watching the pair figure skaters this evening, I've been revisiting memories of skating on the Gunison Bend Reservoir as a child. For those who grew up in Millard County, do you remember how the reservoir would freeze completely solid? I vividly remember going out there with my skates and having to jump over the rough 'wavy' edge, but once you were on the middle surface it was smooth as glass--beautiful sea-green glass. It seemed you could see to the sandy bottom of the 'rez' even hundreds of feet out. How exhilarating it was to be able to skate all the way across to the opposite wavy edges.

This past summer, Cami and I drove out to the reservoir on the 24th of July and watched the boaters and water skiers. It was hard to imagine all that water could have been solid a few months earlier and would be again in the winter.

The figure skating tonight has been incredible to watch. Like millions around the world, I once imagined myself as graceful and talented as an Olympian while I stumbled and slid across the ice on a frozen reservoir of my childhood.

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Tina said...

Georgia, thanks for your comment on my blog! Did you see my post on ice skating? These cold winter days leave me wanting to skate also!

I pulled out my good ole Delta High year books to look you up. I am missing my 1980 book for some reason, but had the 1979 one and remember you! I graduated in 1983. Do you have a brother, Jim? If so, I'm his age.

I liked growing up in a small town, but would have a hard time living in one now! I love the anonymity of living where no one knows your name and going to church on Sunday is like going to the Celestial kingdom because it is so nice to be around people with your same vocabulary and beliefs!

My family were the Young's in Abraham. We lived by the 3 big blue silos if you remember them, and then my dad built us a round house in Sutherland, by the church and I lived there until I moved to the big bad city of Salt Lake and then somehow I ended up Washington DC! (your daughter is only an hour from me!)Love it here, and haven't been home to the old stomping grounds for at least 6 years. There really isn't any family there any more and would be quite a drive just to see the sights. Maybe I'll do it someday!

I'll add you to my blog roll and keep reading you! I could be writing the same posts as you! FUN!