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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where's a Map?

So for those of you who follow Dani's blog, you know she is heading to Baltimore, Maryland for Teach for America. What an exciting day Tuesday, March 10th was. We've all been waiting for that monumental day to find out if Dan's six hour interview at BYU in January was going to pay off. Interestingly, when Dani returned home after that grueling day, she told me she didn't think she would accept an assignment from TFA if she received one. But in the weeks since then, as no other teaching position has become available, her mind was changed and when the news arrived on Tuesday evening and she was accepted, she was thrilled. We were thrilled too. I told her I had the same feeling I had when my children were born and recognizing each one as my child and a perfect fit in the family from the first moment. I also felt that way when both Kevin and Kelly received their mission just felt so perfectly right! I can't think of another way to explain my good feelings about this position.

Anyway, this is an exciting time for Dani to prepare for her training in Philadelphia in June and then teaching in August. Also, the opportunity to receive her Master's Degree during that time from John Hopkins University is just tremendous. It truly makes up for all the disappointments with job interviews and positions that didn't materialize. What an amazing answer to all of our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! It made my day. That is so awesome about Dani's new teaching opportunity. Way to go Dani!!

Dean and Sheri said...

Congratulation Danni! My sister, Ann, served in that mission while waiting for her VISA to go to Brazil. She really enjoyed Baltimore. It's a heck of a lot different than Utah. And how fun it will be for the family to come visit. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

We are so excited for Dani! We used to go through Baltimore on the way to and from the DC temple all the time. Hey, if we go back to NYC when our time is up here, we will be neighbors!!!

Margie said...

I am finally getting around to reading your blog!! It was so much fun to read all of your posts!! I loved seeing the pictures of your projects too. I'm so impressed as always.

I'm so excited for Dani!! It was so nice to talk to you yesterday and get the latest update. What a great opportunity for her. I am so proud of her too. What a great teacher she will be!!

Thanks for sharing your blog with me, I will enjoying visiting!