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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cami's Glasses

It is official, I am now the one and only member of my family who doesn't wear some kind of sight correction.

Cami had been complaining for about a month that she couldn't see the writing on the board in a couple of her classes and had to ask the teachers to move her closer. So I finally made her an appointment with our optometrist, Dr. Woodfield, and the next thing I know Cami is picking out the most glamorous pair of glasses in the Lens Crafter store. (They really do have them ready in about an hour!!!)

So today was the first day Cami wore glasses to school. She got all the regular kind of ribbing from kids calling her 'four eyes' and some asked her if they were just a fashion accessory with plain glass she picked up at Icing in the mall.

The good news is Cami can now see. She keeps commenting on the details she is seeing so clearly. I don't want her looking at me and noticing all the wrinkles and gray hairs (she used to say I looked young for my age, now I know she just couldn't see well.) I remember when Dani was in third grade and she got her glasses and on the drive home she was going nuts about 'leaves in the trees'. I had not realized that she thought trees just grew a green blob. How could I with my 20/20 vision recognize that she didn't know those were individual leaves hanging up there?

The bad news is I also had my eyes examined by Dr. Woodfield yesterday. I no longer have 20/20 vision, I've slipped to 20/30. He doesn't think I need to worry about glasses though so I can ignore those little details I can't see like wrinkles and gray hair.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your comments! I was SO excited to see my beautiful niece on your blog. And I'm sorry to hear that you had to move without moving... This blog thing became funner than I though after finding Dani's and your blog!

The Buhrley Bunch said...

WAIT! When did Cami get so big... and by big I mean older and more beautiful? Georgia, I found your blog through Sherri Mossi's (small world) and I had to peek. My heavens, Cami is STILL a doll! Tell her hi from us. Hope all is well :)