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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Flat Stanley comes to Northern Utah

My nephew, Max, and his second grade class are doing a Flat Stanley project.  I feel very honored because Max choose to send his Stanley to visit me.  We had about a month of fun with Stanley during his stay.  Here are some of the highlights I wrote to Max in a letter included in the package I'm sending out to him tomorrow:

Dear Max,
          Thank you for sending Max to Pleasant View, Utah for a visit.  We enjoyed having him.  He was a good sport and seemed to enjoy the activities he participated in while he was here.

          It was still pretty warm when Stanley first arrived.  He wore shorts and a t-shirt when we visited Hill Air Force Museum in Clearfield, Utah.  He loved seeing the planes, helicopters, rockets and other displays, but his favorite thing was the Night Hawk Stealth Fighter.
         A week later we went out to Antelope Island which is in the middle of the Great Salt Lake.  They were doing their annual Buffalo Round Up when they gather the herd for the winter.  Stanley scared us when he got a little too close to a mother buffalo and her baby.  Luckily he was wearing his insulated camouflage suit so mamma buffalo didn't chase, trample, or gore him.

           The next week, we took Stanley with us to a Utah State University Basketball game in Logan, Utah (home of the Aggies).  Stanley wanted a USU T-Shirt so he could sit with in the student section to cheer. It was a great game.  Utah State won and the fans rushed the court to congratulate the team.  Stanley didn't get trampled here either.  Can you see him in this big crowd at the Spectrum?  Look really close.  Do you see him yet?  He was famous so his picture was on the Jumbo-Tron in the middle of the arena.  Yep, there he is!

          Yesterday was opening day of skiing at Snow Basin Ski Resort in Huntsville, Utah.  Stanley wore his snow pants, parka and beanie hat.  Snow Basin was the location of the Down Hill, Combined, and Super-G Olympic Events in the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.  Stanley wanted to try out snowboarding.  He was pretty good at grinding the rails by the time we left last night.

           Stanley is bringing home a few things to you from Pleasant View, Utah.  He bought you a Utah State University T-shirt at the USU Bookstore, some salt water taffy from Antelope Island, and a little pin he picked out for you at the gift shop at Hill Air Force Museum.  He also is bringing a beanie in case you want to try out snowboarding or skiing on the Greatest Snow on Earth.
          Thank you for letting Stanley come for a visit in Pleasant View.  We hope he'll come back to Utah and bring you with him next time.  When you and  Stanley come, the clothes you should pack will depend on the time of year.  It gets as warm as the high 90s in the summer and it down to about 0 in the coldest part of the winter.  Spring and Fall are really nice and very beautiful here.  If you come in July, August, or September we'll hike Ben Lomond Mountain which is right behind our house.  It is a wonderful hike of 8.4 miles up.  We couldn't take Stanley hiking there in October or November because the trail is already covered in snow.
          If your family will drive you out to see us in Pleasant View, it is 397.2 miles from Parker, Colorado.  Utah is a pretty great state.  We like living here.  We hope you will bring Stanley, your parents, brother and sisters and come soon!
Aunt Georgia
P.S.  The pictures we took of Stanley are on the thumb drive in case you'd like to see them bigger.

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Tina said...

What a wonderful Aunt you are!