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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Hike Around Mantua

On Saturday, we got up early and went for a walk with our friends, the Marsdens, around Mantua Lake.  It was a spectacular morning and we watched the sun rise over the beautiful eastern mountains.  The fall colors are fading a little, but still spectacular, especially when reflected in the lake.

We decided we're going to go in the evening next week and watch the sun set and see it from that perspective.
Cattails and the town of Mantua.

I love the reflection of the colorful hills in the lake.

A spot of color on a gray morning

The Ducks make V shapes in the water when they swim
as well as in the air when they fly.

Several horse pastures on the other side of Mantua Lake

I thought this was the most beautiful photo I took of the lake Saturday morning

The town of Mantua nestled beneath the colorful mountain sides
in Sardine Canyon.

Usually the guys walk behind us, but they passed us
while I was taking photos.

Tima and Margie are great friends and fun walking partners. 

The tree-line east shore of Mantua Lake

This green willow with the fall-colored backdrop made such a pretty picture.


Mindy said...

Oh my goodness gracious... such beauty!!

wendy said...

You photos are extrodinary !!!! The mtns reflection ones are gorg-a-lific
I've lived in utah for 25 years, and never heard of Mantua Lake (or the town)
I missed out.

Tina said...

Absolutely Beautiful! I've never heard of Mantua before . . . . my hubby and I are looking for places to retire . . . looks like a good spot, other than it would be cold, cold, cold there in the winter!

There isn't much color in the leaves here yet . . . . the leaves there are really amazing!

You took some great pictures!

Lesley said...

Beautiful pictures!! I always enjoy driving past Mantua. Love those Marsden's too :)