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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Graduations Galore

May has been a landmark month for the Crouch family.  We had a similar year in 2009 when Kevin and Danielle received their bachelor degrees simultaneously (same day/same time) at opposite ends of the state (Dani at SUU in Cedar City and Kevin at USU in Logan).  Then Bryan graduated from Weber High School and a couple of weeks later Dani and Kelly were married and moved to Baltimore.  Several months later, but still in 2009, Bryan received his mission call to Budapest, Hungary.

So this is another amazing year.  Although we didn't have a wedding this year (thank you Kevin and Lindsey for spreading things out a bit with Lindsey's graduation and the wedding in 2011), we had two masters degrees, a bachelors degree and a high school graduation all take place this month of May 2012.

To break it down, Kevin received his Masters in Instructional Technology from Utah State University;  Danielle received a Masters in Arts of Teaching from Johns Hopkins University; Kelly received his Bachelors degree in History from Towson University; and Camille graduated from Weber High.   As a side note Bryan and I both earned Associate degrees--he from Weber State University and I from Utah State--this month too.

Let's see...does that make 2015 our next big year?  Kevin and Dani, you get to work on those Doctorate degrees,  Kelly and Lindsey on your Masters ...


wendy said...

WOW...congrat's to all those graduates. I think it is great to see people further their education.
Busy time for sure...
No weddings in May.....????
that was lucky

Celia Turner said...

You have indeed been busy!!!! It's nice to have so many smart kids in the family! Congrats to you all!!!

Lesley said...

Congratulations to all the graduates!! What a great accomplishment.