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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Even Lamer Than Usual...

I'm feeling a bit run down this week 
(something akin to a loaded dump truck from behind).  
I can't quite seem to get my feet under me 
so I can do all that needs to be done.  
So for this week's article, this is all I could muster.  
Hopefully I can find a spring tonic 
and some energy before the next one is due.

Easter Traditions

            My memories of childhood Easters are slightly grainy, not because they were so long ago, but because for a number of years during my youth, the Primary and Sunday School teachers took our class to the Sand Dunes the Saturday before Easter.  It became a tradition to spend the whole afternoon rolling brightly colored eggs down the dunes, eating a gritty picnic, and rolling ourselves down the dunes.  I'm pretty sure my class and I owe several teachers many apologies for all the sand we ground into their car floor mats and seat cushions on the ride home after spending the day at the Dunes.         
            Actually, it is quite amazing there is any sand left at the Dunes considering all that came home with me each Easter season.  Both shoes would be full, all pockets and cuffs would be filled to capacity, and every crevice was crammed with the stuff as evidenced by the sand bar in the tub after each Easter Eve bath. 
            When I tell people of my fond Easter memories at the Sand Dunes, they look at me strangely, but I'm used to that look.  It is the same one I receive when I tell people my high school mascot was a rabbit. 
            Delta High alums who live away from Millard County know the look I am speaking of.  They also know the conversation that inevitably follows the look:
            "Your mascot was a rabbit?"
            [snickers] "Hmmm."
            Then I explain with pride that a Delta Rabbit is not a fluffy, flop-eared Easter bunny, but a tough jack rabbit who kicks hard, jumps high, and runs fast and that is why we are so tough to beat.  Check out who holds the 3A State Wrestling title (again!)  
            So my Easter memories are a little grittier than most people I know.  I probably still have a little sand in my ears.  Maybe I like my egg salad sandwich with that granular texture and my Easter candy coated in a fine layer of dust…hey, I'm one of those tough Delta Rabbits, what do you expect?


Tina said...

Sorry you are feeling down. I think it is partly a woman's lot in life to be governed by those hormones that rage up and down in our bodies. Hills and Valleys! YUCK! Feel better soon!!!

We spent many an Easter on the sand dunes. We had a three wheeler a regular motorcycle and a dune buggy that we loved to take out and roar all over the dunes, so needless to say we spent more than Easter at the dunes.

The egg rolling sounds fun!!!

Another Easter memory of Delta was the Anniversery sale of Quality Market . . . the extra cheap hot dogs, cotton candy and free balloons could not be missed in our household . . . I think Quality Market still does this today!!??

Georgia said...

Tina, You should write those memories down and submit them for the "Rambling Through Time" column next week!! I'm totally and completely serious. I know subscribers would love to read someone else's memories for a change!!

Thanks for the get well wish. I'm doing better today. I submitted my final writing portfolio for my Persuasive Writing course and got registered to take the final. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel is helping.

Thank you for always reading and commenting on my ramblings.

wendy said...

a rabbit...that did kind of make me giggle, BUT HEY after you described what KIND of rabbit you were, well helllooo....
I used to go to the sand dunes all the time when I went to Ricks College (now called BYU- Idaho, which I hate mind you) It will always be Ricks to me.

Easter is a fun time of year I think. I have fond memories of Easter with my kids, but I can't really "remember" my easters as a youth, other then me and my sister always got a new dress, with a patten leather purse, shoes, and little gloves. soooo, funny. I have som great photos of that.

Georgia said...


I've been trying to comment on your latest post, but your account won't recognize me as a 'team' member so I can't leave a message.

I hope you are having a happier day. I hope you can feel the virtual cyber hug I am sending your way and all the hugs of those loved ones who are far away.