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Friday, March 9, 2012

Near Perfection

The sanctity of the track has been absolute the last two mornings.  There were no shrieking teenage track team members; there were none of the normal chatty, middle-age walking groups; no speed-demon racer charging up behind me; there was just me, all alone with the whole track to myself for a full hour two days in a row.

The full moon was beyond spectacular both mornings.  Yesterday I watched it setting in the west and gleaming across Willard Bay in a glorious manner.  This morning it was in a more southern position and seemed like a spotlight because of its brilliance.  I could read my watch and pedometer without having to come into the pool of light from the parking lot...amazing.  It was so bright, I could actually tell that the new track suface is indeed red.

With a beginning like that, I should be able to do well on my biology quiz, write two Chronicle articles, clean my house and make a nice dinner for the kids who are gathering to have their dad help them do their taxes  today.  Heck, with a beginning like that I should be able to do something really spectacular....hmmm what should it be?


Dani Marie said...

I wish dad could do our taxes. It seems Kelly is filibustering, so I might have to do them this year. Dang you Baltimore!!!! Also, I hope you had an awesome rest of your day and it lived up to your nice morning.

wendy said...

Well, I think it is pretty spectacular that you get up early in the morning to walk the track.
(not if I can help it)

The moon has truly been amazing these last few nights. Dont' you think it's great, that IT IS THE SAME MOON...that you see and that I see............all these many many miles away.
a connection

Dean and Sheri said...

Um...scoooze me, but I think you do a lot of fantastic EVERYDAY - seems to come naturally to you. =) Just the fact that you're out on the track every morning with the THAT'S pretty darn fantastic!

Celia Turner said...

Lindsey was telling me how early you wake up every day!! I know for a fact that you get more done while I'm still sleeping, than I can get done in my whole day!! (I wish I was an "early person"!) Just knowing that you're out running while the moon is still out makes me tired! You're amazing!

Tina said...

I'm starting to get the itch to go outside to walk/run and start my day again . . . . a good start really gets you going for the rest of the day! Hope you got done all you'd hoped to!

Tina said...
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Margie said...

You are amazing Georgia. I love going to the track. I guess now I fit into one of those middle-age walkers :) I just wish I could run like you do!!