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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Molecular Makeup of Molasses

This morning as the sun rose over the bitter-cold, snow-dusted landscape of my yard, I thought of how subjective time is in relation to the season.  It seems to me that when the sun is warm, grass is green and I am outside planting and harvesting; time slips through my fingers like water.  But when there is no warmth in the winter sun, when the wind strips leaves from every tree branch, and ol' Mount Ben Lomond himself seems to shiver in the cold; time slows like the proverbial 'molasses running uphill in January'.

I spend a portion of each winter morning warming myself in front of the fireplace.  I feel like a bird on a spit as I rotate myself around trying to roast each section thoroughly.  The fireplace is a gathering place this time of year, yet in warmer months, we scoot a couple of chairs in front of it and you hardly notice it is there.  I've been thinking about decorating the fireplace for Christmas.  It deserves to be honored for the comfort it provides every chilly morning and evening.  I found some HGTV ideas for decorating fireplace mantels.  Please vote for your favorite and I'll attempt to replicate the one that is the most popular.  After all, warming that upward flowing molasses is a big job and should be recognized with some handsome holiday decor.

Fireplace #1

Fireplace #2

Fireplace #3

Fireplace #4

Fireplace #5
I really would appreciate your comments and suggestions about Christmas decorations and the fireplace.  Thanks!


Mindy said...

Oooh, they're all beautiful! I love fireplace mantels! Maybe #3 and #5... but any would be amazing. I can't wait to see your finished product. :)

Dean and Sheri said...

I completely agree...Summer days get away to quickly, while
Winter days seem eternal. Which seems a contradiction because darkness comes so soon in Winter. And even though Winter sun is cold...I'll take it any day over cloudy and foggy. And #2 is my fav. Have fun with this project. Think I'll whip up some ginger molasses cookies and bring them over...a ticket in your front door to see how it turns out! ;-)

Dean and Sheri said...

WAIT! Did I actually write 'to' quickly?! GASP...of course I meant 'too'. =}

wendy said... fun to meet you and visit your blog. That was a wonderful surprise to see your comment on my blog.
My son Matt (the one who passed away) he and his family lived in Pleasant Grove for almost 2 years, then were transferred to Arizona for work.
I LOVE the first fireplace, why....because I AM IN LOVE with that big, ornate mirror, and the huge floral garland (that would be quite a feat to put something like that together)
I like it because it is different.
MY opinion only....go for the "different", something that really catches peoples eyes, like WOW, I would have never thought of that.
stocking hung, pine boughs, cones, all that is lovely....but everyone does it.
I like DIfferent......(I basically am a weirdo)
but, that being said.....everyone is lovely.
Do you do Pinterest???
you could look on their for fireplace Christmas decor ideas too.
hope to hear from you again.
I'll probably only do one more post, next week....cause then I leave for Utah (West Jordan) to visit my kids and grandkids. Sooooo excited.

Tina said...

I like number 2.

I agree, winter seems to go by slowly like molasses! Can't wait for spring!

I just made ginger snaps for my piano recital yesterday . . . gotta love molasses.

And hey, just noticed you got a comment from Wendy. I really enjoy her blog.

Dani Marie said...

I like #3. Also Pinterest is a good site if you want more ideas. You don't even have to be a member too look around.

Nancy said...

I like #3 and 4. But you have probably already chosen and decorated. Have a wonderful holiday season!