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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Its That Time of Year Again

How could I forget that today was the morning after Weber High School graduation?  You'd think with all the strange experiences I've had on these 'mornings after', I would have avoided the track today.  But as I walked up the hill this morning, I heard voices and realized, "oh no, I forgot AGAIN!"

2011 was a pretty sedate year as they go, (see last year's post for a rundown of some prior years' experience  Today when I was about half way around my first lap, I heard pounding feet running behind me.  Two boys came up level with me and jogged along side for awhile interviewing me about who I was, why I was there, how often I run, etc.  When they were assured that I wasn't there to cause them any trouble, they took off across the grass to the 30 or so sleeping bags in the middle of the football field.

During my next several laps, the rest of the group woke up, turned music up loud and a group of boys and girls voices were singing along and laughing raucously.  For me, who is used to the absolute solitude of my morning jog, it was extremely distracting.  I am comforted by the fact that I won't have to deal with the noise again for an entire year.  AND Since I will have a graduate in 2012, maybe I'll remember to skip the track on the morning after next year.

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