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Friday, April 29, 2011

Bad, bad shoes!

These are my running shoes.  I've had them for several years...too many years apparently because they have gone bad.  I guess I shouldn't include both shoes in my scolding; only the left one is bad.  The right one is a good shoe, but if you don't have two good shoes...well, you don't have a pair of good shoes.  

I have an enormous blood blister on my left foot from my bad left shoe.  I've tried wearing thicker running socks, wrapping the sore spot in bandaids and duct tape and mole skin.  I've tried lining the inside of my bad left shoe with duct tape in an attempt to fix whatever is rubbing on my foot when I run.  Nothing has helped and now my foot is in such bad shape, I can't bring myself to put on these shoes again. 

I usually go through a pair of running shoes every two or three years.  I put about 15 running miles a week in all kinds of weather on my shoes, so I've gone through several pairs of shoes in the 12 years I've been running.  I've never had shoes that rebelled on me and struck out so viciously when they were tired out.

Next week I'll go shopping and buy a pair of shoes....hopefully two good shoes that will be kind to my poor left foot.


Melissa said...

You should change your running shoes every 6 months or so according to the amount you run. Of course that is super expensive.

Lesley said...

I don't like to buy new walking shoes either, but Melissa is do need to get new shoes more often. I always turn my "old" walking shoes into "new" yard work shoes. That makes me feel a little better :-)

Georgia said...

You are both right, I should have replaced this pair before they took their revenge on me for overworking them. I'm not sure I will ever even wear my old ones for yard work. I think that left one has taken such a severe dislike to me now, it would surely not allow me to mow the lawn or dig in the garden in peace.

Dani Marie said...

Sorry Mom1 I understand why you put off buying new ones, though. Shoe shopping with tiny feet like ours is the pits.

Dani Marie said...

Heh heh, um...even though you are my first mom, my only mom, and the #1 mom, I meant to writing "Mom!" not "Mom1". I guess maybe Cindy is mom2?

Dani Marie said...

AHH! There was another typo! I meant "write" not "writing" Can you tell I'm on cold medicine? I'm not going to correct anymore because this might end up in a never ending circle of crazy. I just want everyone to know I'm not dumb.

Georgia said...

Hey Dani,

You make me laugh so hard and I miss you so much.

I hope your cold is better today.

Love, Mom 1