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Sunday, December 19, 2010

SpudNuts and Gallon Glass Milk Jugs

Those who lived in and around Delta, Utah in the early 70s may remember what a stir was caused when a SpudNut shop opened up in town. It is easily compared to the excitement generated along the Wasatch Front when an In-and-Out Burger or a Crispy Creams opens. I recall trying to convince my parents that we should try donuts made from potatoes, they were probably really healthy. The shop had been in business for some time before I finally talked my Mom into stopping in at the SpudNuts store.

Even though I grew up on a small family farm, we never milked cows. The cows we raised were for meat and ended up in the freezer. My family always purchased milk from a local dairy farmer. When I was little we went to the Warnick Farm at the east side of Hinckley and bought raw, unpasteurized milk from them. That was what my parents had grown up drinking and so that is what they wanted. I remember a few times following one of the Warnicks out to the barn and watching them strain the milk and pour it into the jars we brought. At some point, the FDA shut down all those little Mom and Pop type dairies for selling unpasteurized products.

The shutting down of milk sales at Warnick's Dairy coincided with the opening of the SpudNut shop. Along with delicious donuts they also sold fresh, pasteurized, local milk. One day while we were in town grocery shopping, I convinced my Mom to buy the milk at the SpudNut shop and then we could pick up a dozen donuts too. It worked out well because my family liked the milk and I LOVED the donuts. A few weeks later we were at the SpudNut shop again, but she insisted we get milk only, no donuts. I asked her if I could go into the shop by myself and buy the two gallons of milk. She reluctantly agreed and handed me the cash. When I got into the store, I told the nice lady what I wanted and she sat the two gallon jugs on the counter and rang up my purchase. The way the store was arranged, I could look right out the glass wall behind the cashier to my Mom sitting in our car. I felt so proud that I could do this task by myself. Mom smiled at me as I paid for the milk and then took the two red plastic handles to pull the jugs from off the counter and carry them out the door. Everything had gone smoothly until those glass jugs came down weighing more or being taller than I anticipated and slammed into the tiled floor of the SpudNut shop. Both of them smashed simultaneously leaving me standing in a huge puddle of whole milk holding red handles attached to jagged broken glass jugs.

I've replayed this event in slow motion in my mind at least a million times. I was still looking into my Mom's face as the jugs slammed into the ground and I recall that her smile changed into a grimace before she climbed out the car and came into the store to apologize and to offer to clean up the mess. Two gallons of milk makes a big mess! I was crying when she came into the store so she sent me to the car while she tried to make amends with the cashier.
I do not recall ever going into the SpudNut shop again. Perhaps because we were banned or because my Mother was too mortified to ever enter the shop again? I'm not sure, but it was shortly after this event that we started buying our milk at Ekin's Dairy on the north end of town. It was on the road going out to the reservoir and it seems like we always hit at least one rabbit every time we went out there for milk. I hated that drive and I missed the chance to buy donuts along with our milk. Curse my wimpy arms and short legs!


Tina said...

Here is a memory we don't share . . . . for some reason I can't remember a spudnut shop at all! I do remember when the Dove "Mark it" store opened up and my mom would by us eclair's from the bakery. It was such a novelty to have a bakery in a grocery store! We bought our milk (when we didn't have a milk cow!) from a dairy south of Delta. It was across the way from my friend Valinda Jensen's house, but I can't remember whose dairy it was!

Dani Marie said...

I've heard this story so many times, but I was still laughing when I read this and Kelly had to come see what was so darn funny. I love you Mom!

Georgia said...

Tina, The SpudNut Shop was in the exact same location where the Dove Mark It Store was built. In fact the little donut shop was torn down to build the new Market there at the end of Main Street. The SpudNut shop didn't last too long, maybe because it smelled like sour milk...?

Tina said...

sour milk!!! Too funny!

Dean and Sheri said...

Hey! My family, after moving from So Cal to No Cal, always got milk straight from the cow too! My sister and I would walk up the road with 2 empty gallon jars to the Cabrall's litttle "farm" and exchange them for 2 full jars. To this day I prefer whole milk. We enjoyed our walk up to the Cabrall's to get the milk. Yep. We never complained about that chore. No spudnuts, but the Cabrall's did have a very good looking son! We'd usually catch a glimps or a smile from him while he did the evening milking in the milking shed. =)
ps...You poor thing! How aweful you must have felt. more spud nuts! That's VERY sad. I'm glad our jars were plastic!