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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weeks of Bryan

As my blog readers are aware, my son, Bryan, was serving a mission in Budapest, Hungary until July 19, 2010, when severe pain in both knees required him to be sent home for surgery.

He had bilateral knee surgery seven weeks ago on July 27. Since that time Bryan has been here at the house recovering and allowing me the chance of getting to know him on a new level.

Bryan and I have had some opportunities to do things together in a way that has not happened since he was my little buddy while his older siblings were in school all day. Some of the things we’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks are:

Taking in a temple session every Wednesday

Driving to and from Arizona together

Visiting and laughing with one another

Riding bikes all over Pleasant View and North Ogden

Attending doctor and physical therapy appointments

Going out to lunch together

Talking seriously about his future

Watching/listening to him ‘whip’ with his Hungarian whip

Learning about Hungary’s culture, people and language

In a little over two weeks, Bryan and I will once again go to Dr. Pepper Murray’s office in Bountiful. This time it will be to hear the final verdict on whether this surgeon will allow Bryan to return to missionary service or not. Dr. Murray has already made it perfectly clear that he will not support Bryan returning to Hungary (which is heartbreaking for my son). But on September 30, we will learn if he will permit Bryan to resubmit mission papers to serve in another location; one that doesn’t require him to climb stairs or walk great distances on his arthritic knees. I hope and pray that both of us will be prepared to hear that verdict and move forward with faith in whatever comes next.


Melissa said...

We are sure praying for Bryan! I know he will continue to be a wonderful missionary in the field or at home and the Lord will bless him because of his willingness to do what He wants him to do. I know that the Lord will provide a way for Bryan to do and be what he needs to, and if that is being home then there is his answer. Bryan is awesome, your whole family is awesome and I know the Lord is watching out for you guys, especially Bryan at this time. <3

Georgia said...

Thanks, Melissa!

Dean and Sheri said...

We sure love Bryan and know that everything will work out the way it should. Best of luck with the upcoming appt. The poor guy is probably going a little bonkers just waiting. He's always in my prayers.