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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One week down...

One week ago today we dropped Bryan at the MTC.
Today we got an email!
I was so bummed that we didn't get to go inside the MTC this time;
the new thing is to just dropped them at the curb--
but we get emails from the MTC now???
That is new!
I like this new thing!
I thought I would start another blog connected to mine and just
cut and paste Bryan's emails in each week.
That way anyone who would like to follow his progress through the MTC for 11 weeks
and the next couple of years in Budapest, Hungary
could check in on him through this blogpage.
I can also post his photos here.
It will be theraputic for me when I'm missing Bryan and feeling blue.

1 comment:

Dean and Sheri said...

I love this idea and am excited to read each entry. I'm going to attach it to our blog. Thanks for sharing this wonderful family experience, Georgia! AND...thanks for all the nice comments you leave on the "Mossi Family Forever" blog.