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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Post Relief Society Projects

My daughter, Dani, has been after me for awhile to have a blog. So today she helped me set this up and showed me how to follow the other blogs I've enjoyed checking on over the past several months. So now I can mark another 'to do' off my list.

Lately things have been fairly boring around our house. I was released from my calling as Relief Society President just over a month ago and have been working in primary for the past couple of weeks. After 3 and 1/2 years in Relief Society, I'm realizing things are a lot more subdued in primary. My phone hardly rings anymore and I'm out of the loop as to who is in the hospital, expecting a baby and moving in and out of the ward. Sometimes ignorance is bliss...

So these last few weeks, I've been working on some projects that I didn't have the time for before. I refinished a coffee table my Dad gave me just a couple of months before he passed away. The old table has been sitting in my craft room taunting me for over two years. I finally got it up on the sawhorses and stripped and sanded it, stained and varnished it and purchased new hardware to mount the legs and ceramic tiles to place in the frames which at one time held beveled glass. As with all my projects, this one took much more work, time and money than I anticipated having to spend on it. The beveled glass was thinner than the tiles, so we had to use a router and grind out additional wood to have the tiles sit flush with the table top. I thought that wouldn't be too complicated--wrong! Bryan and our kind neighbor, Jimmy Merrill, spent three hours kneeling on the driveway on a cold Saturday afternoon using his router, an extra long level as a strait edge and clamps to hold it in place. Well, after Bryan's great investment of time and effort, the finished project now sits in his "space" with the TV, video games, stereo and other equipment. It is a nice addition to our media room.

The next project I went to work on was redecorating Dani's bedroom. Yesterday (Friday Feb. 13) I finished that job and got her belongings back in. It also turned into a bigger expense of time and money than I anticipated (why am I surprised?) But after all the sanding, filling, sanding, painting, painting and painting. It is looking quite lovely. Three walls and the ceiling are Cappuccino and the fourth wall is Pacific Rim (these are color names). You'll have to come and check out the newest room in our house.

I've also had an on-going project of helping Mandy Hone with her newborn twins. For the past three weeks, I've gone to Mandy's house each Monday, Wednesday and Friday and spent a few hours helping her hold, bathe, change, feed and rock Michael and Thomas, her four-month old babies. The twins were born 14 weeks early on October 2, 2008 and finally got to come home from intensive care in the hospital the week of Christmas. Mandy's in-laws, and biggest helpers, went to Fiji for a few weeks, so I decided to take over some of their responsibilities. Helping out with the babies has been fun and rewarding and I've come to know, love and admire Mandy, the Mom.


Dani Marie said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I'm so excited to read what you have to write. It'll be especially nice when I'm far away. And I LOVE my room! Thanks, Mom!

Dean and Sheri said...

Hey Georgia...
My kids got me into blogging too! It took me a while to warm up to it but now I really enjoy it. It's kind of a fun journaling option.
Sheri Mossi